Mutton – Tasty and nutritious


The moment we hear the word mutton, our mouth start watering and we instantly feel like getting our hands on a scrumptious meal of succulent mutton, one bite into which sends our taste buds into an ecstatic frenzy of euphoria. To cut the long story short- We love eating mutton!

But the various health mediums and doctor notes which promote the fact that mutton being a red meat is not good for health and should be avoided in order to maintain a proper health just ends up adding baggage to the whole experience of enjoying our meat.

What we are going to show you today is that mutton (a.k.a. goat meat, chevon) is not all that bad for health and to enjoy it once in a while can actually be good for your health.

The fact is that goat meat being red meat is richer than all the white meats but another fact is among all the red meats goat meat is the least rich and offers plenty of nutritional value which lead to greater health benefits. Say for example the delicious dish of Mutton Rogan Josh which is a very popular recipe of the Mughlai cuisine not only carries good amount of important vitamins and minerals but also has a high amount of unsaturated fat in it. You will be surprised to know that it even helps lower bad cholesterol.

Let’s get to the raw nutrition of Goat Meat

Serving size: 110gm

Nutrients Quantity
Fat 2.6g (out of which 0.79g is saturated)
Protein 23g
Cholesterol 63.8mg
Iron 3.2mg

The Iron content in goat meat is higher than its competitors:

Types of Meat Goat Pork Beef Lamb Chicken
Quantity of Iron 3.2mg 2.7mg 2.9mg 1.4mg 1.5mg
  • Another point of value is that goat meat contains higher potassium content.
  • It also contains lower sodium levels.
  • It possesses a bunch of essential amino acids which help in helping our body function more efficiently.
  • It is a leaner protein source than other meats and has a high amount of unsaturated fat that increases your good cholesterol.
  • Goat meat also has high amount of thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and cobalamin.
  • It also contains iron, zinc, phosphorous, potassium, selenium and omega fatty acids.

    Other health benefits of goat meat
  • Goat meat with its essential amino acids helps maintain the cardiovascular health.
  • It is good for the immune system and the general health of the cell.
  • Phosphorous present in goat meat maintains bones and teeth growth.
  • The anti-oxidants present in goat meat protects from free radicals thereby actually helping in reducing the risk of getting cancer.
  • It helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels in the body.
  • It contains unsaturated fat in good amount and lowers the bad cholesterol from the body.
  • It provides you with lot of protein and energy for good functioning of the body.
  • Goat meat also prevents warts and helps in protection from infections.

So now that you know that mutton can actually help you build your health when had in the right proportions, don’t stop yourself the next time you go into a restaurant and are tempted to order that mutton dish!